Deli S999 Nuevo Sketching Pencils 12 Pack

Deli's S999 Nuevo Sketching Pencils with great quality pencils for artists and professionals. This packaging has 12 pencils of a single number/grading with a wide range from from H to 6H and B to 14B whichever is suitable for your taste of illustration. So you have an ample quantity of a single grading of pencils to work.
  • Single Pack of 12 x Sketching Pencils of One Grading/Number
  • Quality drawing pencils for artists and professionals
  • Safety Quality
  • Made in China
Product Code: S999
Brand: DELI
Availability: In Stock
  • Produced in a range from H to 6H ( H = Hard for Lighter Shades) and B to 14B ( B = Black for Darker Shades) with 12 Pencils in a Single Pack. Select any one number amongst the following:-
    • 14B
    • 12B
    • 10B
    • 9B
    • 8B
    • 7B
    • 6B
    • 5B
    • 4B
    • 3B
    • 2B
    • B
    • HB
    • H
    • 2H
    • 3H
    • 4H
    • 5H
    • 6H
  • Usage: Writing, drawing, sketching and hatching, technical drawing and transparent drafting papers
  • Hexagonal Barrel Shape to gain greater precision for drawings
  • Professional / artist quality
  • Non-Toxic
  • Graphite pencil
  • Made in China
  • Safety Quality
    • EN-71-3
    • CE

  • NOTE: The above price is just for a single grading packet of the pencils having 12 pencils in one single packet.
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