Colouring Kits 150 Pieces

Prize/Award Winning Kit for Performing Kids as well as Ideal Gift for Kids & Teens !

China Colouring Kit 150 - your ultimate creative companion! This kit has everything you need for endless artistic adventures. Let your imagination soar and bring your ideas to life with vibrant colors and precision tools. Perfect for Kids of all ages, unleash your creativity with the China Colouring Kit today

With 150 pieces, including Colour Maker x 36, Colour Wax Crayon x 24, Colour Oil Pastels x 24, Colour Pencils x 24, Plastic Paper Clips x 20, Water Colours x 12, Water Colour Brush x 1, Palette / Paint Tray x 1, Stapler x 1, Plastic Scissors x 1, Sharpener x 1, Sponge x 1, Glue x 1, Ruler x 1, Eraser x 1, Pencil x 1.
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Brand: China
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This product can be awarded to kids for performing in studies, sports, etc. It is something they'll love and remember all their life.


The perfect gift set is ideal for kids, teens, and even adult who are colouring enthusiasts, these non-toxic art supplies are safe for children but under adult supervision.

Package includes 150 pieces:

  • Colour Maker x 36
  • Colour Wax Crayon x 24
  • Colour Oil Pastels x 24
  • Colour Pencils x 24
  • Plastic Paper Clips x 20
  • Water Colours x 12
  • Water Colour Brush x 1
  • Palette / Paint Tray x 1
  • Stapler x 1
  • Plastic Scissors x 1
  • Sharpener x 1
  • Sponge x 1
  • Glue x 1
  • Ruler x 1
  • Eraser x 1
  • Pencil x 1

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 03 years age.

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