Pilot DF The Shaker H-505 0.5 mm Mechanical Clutch Pencil

shake your DF The Shaker to make the lead come out! DF The Shaker is a refillable mechanical pencil with a retractable sleeve fitted with shaker technology.

Pilot’s DF Shaker is an innovative improvement to the existing line of “Shaker” mechanical pencil. The DF “Shaker” is a double action mechanical pencil – equipped with the existing “Shaker” mechanism and an added retractable metal mouthpiece. Pressing on the knob will retract the mouthpiece into the barrel.
Once the mouthpiece is inside the barrel, the “Shaker” function will be locked. Thus, preventing it from staining your pocket or cases.

It also features a full sliding sleeve which helps prevent lead breakage. Used together with Pilot’s super smooth and super strong pencil lead, your writing will be clean, dark and you won’t be slowed down by lead breakage.

Pick your favourite colour out of the 4 assorted colour combinations available today.
  • 0.5 mm Mechanical Clutch Pencil with ergonomic rubber grip
  • Double action mechanical pencil preventing staining your pocket or cases
  • Full sliding sleeve which helps prevent lead breakage
  • Colours: Black & Blue , Black & Green, Black & Pink, Light Blue & Yellow
Product Code: H-505
Brand: PILOT Corporation
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Clutch Pencil Lead Refills 0.5 mm
  • An ergonomic pen with a rubber grip to ensure better control and a better writing comfort
  • Retractable tip: a pen ready in one click, no more lost caps
  • Refillable product more economical and respectful of the environment
  • “Shaker" Technology: These mechanical pencils are fitted with an inside feeder pushes the lead out. Simply shaking the body once is enough to make the lead advance without having to let go of the mechanical pencil
  • High strength leads resist the chance of breaking and are perfect for everyday use in the home, workplace or school
  • Available Assorted Barrel Colour Combinations: Black & Blue, Black & Green, Black & Pink, Light Blue & Yellow

Japanese Stationery Quality

Writing instrument from world renowned 'PILOT Corporation' which is famous for its Japanese quality stationery.

  • Refillable : Yes
  • Writing Width : 0.50 mm
  • Lead Hardness : HB
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