Canson Figueras Oil & Acrylic Painting Spiral Sketch Pad

Canson painting papers offer various weights and textures designed to be a source of inspiration to artists !

Canson Figueras Oil & Acrylic Painting A4/A3 Spiral Sketch Pad with 30 Sheets has a high-quality, resistant paper specially designed for oil & Acrylic painting. It has a high-performance barrier to absorb oil, bonding agents and water evenly, while guaranteeing superb resistance by the surface paint layer. It is uncoated, with a natural texture similar to canvas.

This acid-free paper offers excellent longevity and can be kept for long periods. It is ready to use and lightweight, an ideal on-the-move medium equally at home in the wild or in your studio.

It is also perfectly suitable for greasy pastel and acrylic, with substantial impasto effects.
  • A4 & A3 Size Oil & Acrylic Painting Sketch Pad
  • 30 x 290 gsm Sheets. Left-Side Wirebound Spiral Binding
  • Colours and textures: Canvas grain natural texture similar to canvas
  • Suitable for greasy pastel and acrylic, with substantial impasto effects
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  • Weight or thickness: 290 gsm
  • Product Code 400097642: A4 Size:  8.3 x 11.7 Inches / 21 x 29.7 cm
  • Product Code 400097643: A3 Size:  11.7 x 16.5 Inches / 29.7 x 42 cm
  • Colours and textures: Canvas grain
  • Canvas linen texture
  • Recommended techniques: Ideal for oil, acrylic oil-style and greasy pastel
  • Fourdrinier made 100% cellulose
  • Left-Side Spiral Binding
  • Standard & Longevity guarantee:
    • Complies with ISO Standard 9706
    • Acid-free
    • Free from Optical Brightener Additives (OBA’s)
  • FSC C007509 a mark of responsible forestry

Canson painting papers offer various weights and textures designed to be a source of inspiration to artists.
The main features of watercolour are transparency and luminosity. Of all the wet techniques, watercolour is the most demanding regarding paper, and choosing the most suitable sheet for the composition is an essential part of the process. Canson provides an extensive product range in which every artist will find a watercolour paper suitable for their expertise.

As oil and acrylic techniques look for opacity and depth, they require heavy weight papers that can take thick paint layers and resist oxidization due to the drying oil. Canson offers papers specially tailored for these techniques. The use of paper for oil painting brings substantial benefits over stretched canvas. Besides being easy to transport, it is economical and easy to resize and mount on canvas.

ISO Standard 9706

Complies with ISO Standard 9706: papers that comply with ISO standard 9706 meet the requirements of galleries and museums in terms of resitance to ageing: acid-free and buffered to prevent any deterioration due to the action of the atmosphere, harmful emissions or moisture.

Optical Brightener Additives (OBA’s)

Without optical brightness additives: the colour of a paper without optical brightness additives is obtained naturally, nothing has been added. The artists are sure that their work will last over time and the colours will not fade.


Acid-free: acid-free paper guarantees resistance and stability. Only paper manufactured using acidfree materials will retain its original quality and whiteness over time.

FSC C007509

Canson holds FSC certication pertaining to the traceability of wood produced from sustainably managed forests.

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